Charlotte Spiral is a London based duo and their music explores themes of self-hood, self-doubt, yet ultimately self-belief. Having met at Goldsmiths, the members have all been involved in multiple musical projects before and trace their influences from a wide range of artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Julia Holter, Moses Sumney, Patrick Watson and Beach House.

One year after their debut EP, they have announced a new one called New Light which was produced by Dan Carey and will be out on April 9th via Speedy Wunderground. We already shared the title-track: “Out of Here” is a new excerpt. The song addresses a recurring situation that breeds a longing for escape – “There is something about doing things over and over again in a monotonous way that makes a situation feel worse than it is, and I wanted to portray this throughout the song,” explains lead singer Amy Spencer.

Listen below.