Enigmatic, Elephant Butte-based producer Brainwaltzera has announced his sophomore album called ITSAME which will be out on April 1st via FILM. According to the press release, Brainwaltzera feels like one of a kind for his challenging electronic music ethos: it’s all about a bonafide fanbase, a hundred of SoundCloud self-releases, nomadism, eclecticism, and a few more official apparitions — also via BBC R6, PLAID, Whities. Nothing else: no identity, music talks. 

‘ITSAME’ album is 17 tracks of “living room-music”, literally. Microphones were left open in living rooms where “loved ones roamed freely, while TVs and other household machinery resonated at subtle frequencies”, picking up forgotten instruments among stacks of toys, books, records, video games. Just sweet, spontaneous, intimate. As we were spying from outside through his window, it seems the right occasion to get a step closer to Brainwaltzera’s identity, finally.

Check the new excerpt “tracing Rays [reality glo]“.