BPMoore is the project of British, London-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Moore. He has announced the release of a new EP called The Practice of Suffering which will be out on August 26th via Bigo & Twigetti. In the words of the composer  ” “The Practice of Suffering” is a three track EP reflecting upon the pits and heights that come into play with the struggles I, and others I have spoken to, have mentally when we might feel at our lowest. The way it can spiral out of control without practice in dealing with it. When I’m in one of those pits, one of those lows, it always feels like it’s going to last forever. This EP is about that process of feeling everything, and then coming out the other side to be able to share how it has felt, in some way, to help me make sense of the world.

Check the first excerpt below.