Back in 2021, BICEP (the electro Belfast-born, London-based duo of Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson) have released a new album called Isles which is out via Ninja Tune. Now they are back with a new track called “Meli (II)“.

““Meli (I)” was a beatless track on ‘Isles Deluxe’,” they explain. “Truth be told we just couldn’t get a drum version right in the studio throughout the pandemic, there were many failed demo versions whilst we were working on ‘Isles’, it just never felt like it worked. We always knew there was room for this version though, hence naming the original “Meli (I)”. “Meli (II)” was formed slowly on the road. Each week we changed the drums a bit, the structure and generally allowed the crowd to inform the process. It was great to grow the track in this way, it felt like a very organic way of working.” 

Listen below.