Two years after Lier and 2020’s “Always Free” and “Make It Through”, London-based producer and songwriter James Mathé aka Barbarossa has announced a new album called Love Here which will be out on March 5th, 2021 via Memphis Industries. “Iris2Iris” is the first excerpt which was recorded with electronic producer Ghost Culture.

 It arrives, thematically, as a song inspired by trying to live in the present, confronting challenges that come your way. “I was thinking about how I have moments of clarity more and more as I get older of what is really meaningful in my life and how I can best use my time in this life,” explains James. “The moments are often short-lived though, so I look at ways of accessing this mental state more. My kids bring me into this state and nature too. I jump in icy water now I live by the sea and it brings me into fight or flight, it brings what’s important to the forefront of my mind. The song is about spending more of your life with your eyes open, confronting everything that you are dealt with.”

Listen below.