AVAWAVES is the London based duo comprised of Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer; a classically trained duo who create ambient soundscapes based on an intricate interplay between violin and piano. They have announced the release of their sophomore full-lenght called Chrysalis which will be out on October 8th via One Little Indipedent.

According to the press release, Their second full-length album masterfully layers ethereal keys over swelling strings and pulsating synths in a series of euphoric epics. Sublime, celestial textures ebb and flow, building towards far-reaching climaxes where everything comes together in effortless, natural harmony. The bold expressive palette reveals the influence of surrealist artists such as Katharina Grosse and Hilma af Klint, as well as the films that shape their worlds, like Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon. It brims with energy and light, illuminating the power of dreams.

They explain: “We created the idea of the Chrysalis, which is a heightened dream-like utopia. When you listen to the album you enter the imagined state of AVAWAVES. In 2020 as we wrote and recorded our album from two different countries, creating this space was more important than ever against the backdrop of isolation and working remotely. Each of the pieces are made within this chrysalis. The feeling we want is that through the music, people can enter this immersive world and come out in a renewed and altered state, drawing strength from the music, energised by nature’s empowering resilience”

We already shared “Lucid Dreaming” and “Awakening“; “Midnight Bird” is a new excerpt. Listen below.