Atli Örvarsson is an Icelandic composer and musician. He’s back with a new track called “Lament for the Woods” which features SinfoniaNord orchestra. Its part of a new series of three singles released by INNI. The series includes releases from Skúli Sverrisson – with featured vocals from Ólöf Arnalds – and Sin Fang.

He explains: “I have been working with SinfoniaNord for the past few years on my film work as well as my solo album, ‘You Are Here’, and this new and exciting series from INNI is a wonderful addition to that body of work. There’s something about recording in Akureyri, a place of great natural beauty and tranquility, tucked away far up in the North of Iceland, which creates such a special atmosphere and a unique sound. One that’s so intimate, honest and personal but at the same time feels so universal and inherently relevant at this time.”

Listen below.