Arp is the moniker of New York-based producer, DJ, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Alexis Georgopoulos. Four years after Zebra, he has announced the release of a new album called New Pleasures which will be out on July 15th via Mexican Summer. “Le Palace” is the new excerpt. Listen below.

According to the press release, New Pleasures is the second chapter in his ZEBRA trilogy and advances the narrative begun with 2018’s acclaimed ZEBRA; pastoral in mood, expansive in style, the record acted as a dawn on a nascent, Edenic landscape, reminiscent of a beautiful, long-lost Fourth World album. In this world, the music approximated the patient cadence of geological time – the way time suspends when you watch a river in motion. There was, nonetheless, the presence of something alien on the horizon.
Now, Arp drops us deep into the grid of the city. New Pleasures fast-forwards a few centuries, locating listeners in a post-industrial Sprawl (to borrow an expression from William Gibson’sNeuromancer) of concrete and glass, imbuing the album with the flinty glow of commerce, the sleek rhythms of industrialization, and the cool finesse of brutalism.
The result is a collection of futuristic pop interiors with glinted exteriors; a prismatic inquiry into machine sentience, the economy of desire, and myriad forms of possession. The album’s title track is available today. “That space between idea and reality, fact and fiction—which drives ;New Pleasures’—is so often inhabited by commerce, which conjures our fantasies for us,” Georgopoulos explains. “There we find desire. For connection, luxury, distinction. We think we’re immune to its psychology because we’re conscious of it, but in some ways, it drives everything.”