Akisai are the Japanese, Tokyo-based audio/visual duo which include Yo Suzuki and Koichi Nakaie. They have announced the release of a new EP called Landscapes which will be out on February 19th via Schole Records. “Past” is the first excerpt. Listen below and read the full story.

According to the press release, Suzuki, a sound composer of akisai, he has been actively composing music for other projects without limiting music genres; piano arrangement and performance for soundtrack piano collection of the game “NieR:Automata” released from Square Enix, also the ambient music composition for the theatre piece. In this album, all his background has reflected in this new album, so it’s not just only an iconic freshening electronica or folktronica sound, but it also includes some music combining these elements with the band music which gives new impression to listeners.

Although this album consists wide variety of musical elements, it includes the essence of resort music style shown in their previous album “Travelers”. Also their wonderful arranging and mixing skills leads to put both ambient and band sound together in a well-balanced manner in this latest release. Following previous album, this new album’s artwork was also produced by Nakaie, who constructs the worldview of akisai with visuals.