Rizzy Rackz has just released an expanded edition of his well-received album, ‘Risky Business Deluxe‘. This latest version features a total of 15 tracks, with the new standout single, “No Drill.”

This album highlights Rizzy’s distinctive style and his ability to tell stories through his music. The opening track, “The 1st,” sets the tone with its dynamic beats and reflective lyrics. Following this, the titular track, “Risky Business,” mixes personal stories with broader societal themes.

As the album progresses, tracks like “Achieving,” “Extras,” and “Light Years” explore different sides of Rizzy’s musical persona. Songs like “Started” and “Pressure,” featuring FNF Chop, address the challenges and victories in the music industry. “Gimme My Bag,” a collaboration with Luh Kiddo, celebrates the grind and success that come from hard work.

Tracks such as “Papi” and “Goku” lighten the mood, showcasing Rizzy’s versatility and his skill at navigating between serious and playful themes. The collaborations on “Dog House” with WTO Sco and “No Drill” with Big Razo add new layers and perspectives to the mix.

“No Drill” especially stands out with its honest take on street life and the challenges that come with it. Rizzy’s lyrics here are straightforward, focusing on overcoming obstacles and pushing forward. Big Razo’s verse complements this with a raw look at the hustle required to survive and thrive.

The album also includes tracks like “OV” and “Big Dawg,” along with the earlier single “Loving Me Baby.” Overall, ‘Risky Business Deluxe’ cements Rizzy Rackz’s growing stature in the music scene by showcasing his evolution and the various influences that have shaped his music. It’s a compelling listen for both new listeners and long-time fans.