Hard work tends to pay off as the pressure tends to make diamonds. Sensational female hip-hop artist from Central Florida, known as Priceless Scott, released her new EP Pressure Makes Diamonds. The release is home to six hip-hop masterpieces filled with epic soundscapes, atmospheric beats, mature lyricism, and even urban spirited freestyles. Her verses are easily quotable because of the artist’s impressive songwriting skill of mixing simplicity with depth. The songs included in the EP hold the titles “Pull Up,” “Anything Goes,” “Aquemini,” “Doin It,” “Drag On,” and “Know Me.” They all have heavy influences from old school hip-hop, but each shines uniquely in their own style and performance mannerism. Priceless Scott left a piece of her in every track making the release of the EP glow with the charisma of her signature style.