The renowned artist Peg Luke has recently unveiled her latest creation, “Dirt Under His Nails.” This enticing piece of music is complemented by a visually captivating video that vividly reimagines the crucifixion of Jesus, portraying His journey as He carries the cross and offers salvation to those burdened by sin. Crafted exclusively by the musician herself, the song transports its listeners to profound depths, illuminating the remarkable sacrifice of God.

Displaying her lyrical finesse, Luke beautifully conveys: “He searched high and low/ He bares the scars of His love/ And He is ready to journey some more/ With a pack on his back, sheepskin sandals/ He’s looking for You and Me/ He’s got/ Dirt Under His Nails/ When He healed the sick/ When He cured the lame/ When He walked to Calvary/ He’s got Dirt Under His Nails/ Thorns on His Head/ Tears in His eyes/ Nails in His feet.”

“Dirt Under His Nails” delves into the poignant moments of the crucifixion, portraying His demise as a profound way to absolve the burden of wrongdoing. This emotion captures the essence of salvation, prompting listeners to ponder the true significance of the sacrifice. As the audience reflects upon the composition, Peg skillfully intensifies the image of His suffering, crafting a vivid and readily comprehensible experience.

Taking its place among the company of songs like “Amazing Grace,” “Love Lifted Me,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” “God Will Be My Peace,” “The Greatest Gift,” and “I Am Home, Lord,”  Luke’s new track, “Dirt Under His Nails,” adds to her impressive musical portfolio. Fans can anticipate more from Peg as she collaborates with Grammy-winning producer Neal Merrick Blackwood on an enchanting Christmas album scheduled to be released in November.

Watch the music video below:

Listen to “Dirt Under His Nails”  here: