Born and raised in Queens New York, Frank Vanegas always felt a deep connection and passion towards HipHop music. His latest release, ‘Free Falling’ is just that track where listeners can genuinely experience his dedication and love for his craft that ultimately motivated Vanegas to launch his music career.

Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Frank Vanages faced many difficult and life altering situations. This resulted in him being sentenced to 30 months in Federal prison. After his release, the artist made the conscious decision to leave his past behind and focus on the betterment of his growth. He began to take music more seriously and completely changed his whole outlook on life. 

Recently, Frank Vanegas dropped his latest hit, ‘Free Falling,’ a song that is filled with raw harmonies, emotions, and depth. The song blends Hip-Hop elements with indie Pop/Rap creating a truly unique masterpiece. As the song mixes original instruments with a soft 2000s mood, it allows listeners to feel a deep sense of nostalgia from the “good ol’ days.” Check out for yourself, below!