NYC-based singer-songwriter Nazanin is back with a new single, “Red Light,” less than a year after having released her debut song “Infatuation.” Her latest project, “Red Light” somehow provides a natural continuity to her first release. If there’s one word that feels right for Nazanin, it’s sensual. She has built a creative world that authentically represents her inner energy, with lush vocals and head-nodding groove being present all throughout her music. With an ability to smooth-out almost any of her experiences into the kind of music that will stand the test of time, Nazanin spent years refining her skills, as she realized her passion for music at a very young age. 

Of Persian-Jewish descent, she was raised in a conservative Persian-Jewish town on the North Shore Of Long Island, with parents never fully supporting her into walking the path of music, and rather inciting her to aim for a much more serious profession. Despite the obstacles, Nazanin always stayed consistent in her choices, and never abandoned her dreams of one day sharing her art with the world. 

Today, she stands as one of the emerging faces of New York City’s art scene, and “Red Light” is the perfect release for her to continue her trajectory with a song certain to set crowds ablaze.