Chicago-based composer and producer Conor Mackey, aka Lynyn, announces his debut album lexicon which will be out on July 15th via Sooper Records, the increasingly influential Chicago label owned by NNAMDÏ & Sen Morimoto. According to the press release, Influenced heavily by the early 90s IDM movement, lexicon displays both a mastery of musical composition and a deep appreciation of the vocabulary and history of the electronic genre as it pulls together the sounds of jungle, drum and bass, footwork, hip-hop, ambient, glitch, IDM, dub, breakbeat, synth-pop, and so much more.

Listen below and check this awesome list with 5 artists and tracks which have inspired his music.

Steve Reich – Music for A Large Ensemble. This is my favorite piece by Reich. It is the sound of the universe – simultaneously static and never ceasing to propel forward, governed by laws and process but emanating out ecstatic and exultant. In the right listening moments the trumpet swells will give me chills. Funnily, one of my favorites moments is after the piece ends when I can still feel the inertia of that constant pulse in silence.

Vordhosbn – Aphex Twin. This track is a perfect example of everything I love about Aphex Twin. Acute attention to detail, relentless groove, a form based on motivic development, and that kick pattern at 3:29. Although the percussion programming is really up front and the star of the show, it wouldn’t be complete without RDJ’s great melodic sense. The memorable, simple, and haunting melodies in this one seal it as an absolute favorite for me.

Ghosts and Vodka – Futuristic Genitalia. Like all of GnV’s music, this track is heartbreakingly nostalgic, energetic, and dense. Upon the first time hearing this tune, I immediately fell in love with the harmonic language, the rhythmic asymmetry of riff phrases, and wonderful guitar interplay. The open tunings lend themselves to ringing common tones that give the music this ecstatic emotional quality that I desperately wanted to emulate. Victor Villarreal’s guitar playing has had a lasting impact on me, just listen to the second guitar break – fleeting, flowing, understated brilliance.

Klaus – Tusk. I’ve found myself coming back to this tune again and again over the past several years. There’s a lot of unique stuff to uncover beneath a very minimal surface. Super thick and rich sub bass, interesting patterns that simultaneously groove and obfuscate the time, and evocative sound design. Similar to the Reich piece, it has a sense of remaining static and moving forward simultaneously that really intrigues me.

Pat Metheny Group – Opening & Part One. This choice is a little bit of a cheat because it’s a 31 minute track but it’s had such a big impact on me I had to include it. A total masterpiece of composition. Sprawling in its themes and development, contains virtuoso improvisation and phenomenal orchestration – all in a harmonic vocabulary that is uniquely Metheny/Mays. The sheer amount of harmony contained in it is staggering. Blows my mind every time I listen to it.