Prominent EDM duo Eflorem released their newest banging single that makes any listener want to rave like there’s no tomorrow. The song is a chaotic journey that manages to create a resonating ambience, and it’s called “With You.” 

When it comes to musical prowess, there are few rising artists who can match Eflorem’s credentials and overall talent. Having built a successful audio post-production company, the duo have collaborated with some of the biggest companies outside of music, which include History Channel, Deep End Radio, Roger TV and more. 

As a musical entity, Eflorem started their journey in Massachusetts, building a loyal fan base that grew to more than 20k listeners per month. The pair have shared the stage with the likes of Foolie, Clyde P, SQUNTO, Fox and more. 

Their latest single “With You” packs all the Eflorem qualities fans have adored so much in addition to the new experimental sounds the duo have perfected. Make sure to give the hot single a listen and follow Eflorem’s incredible journey to the top.

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