American songwriter Justin S. Grant has just debuted his music career with the release of his first single ever, “Don’t Go!,” a magnificent pop song served alongside an equally dazzling music video.  A few weeks after the release of his debut single, Justin S. Grant decided to treat The Beatles’ fans with a beautiful cover of their legendary “Let It Be” song, and the result is surprisingly amazing. In an industry saturated with covers, especially when it comes to The Beatles, Justin S. Grant managed to surpass all fans’ expectations as he displays his unique skills as an artist, singer, engineer, and producer who carefully curated each sound heard on this cover. 

The lyrics video released alongside the single adds an extra appeal to the overall work, allowing the viewer to once again remember the impressive songwriting abilities that both John Lennon and Paul McCartney had, and maybe even more when they collaborated as they did on “Let It Be. ” Taking the best from the past while continuing pushing his own art forward, Justin S. Grant seems to have a bright future ahead in the music industry, while we already await his next release with great impatience!