Young  R&B and Pop artist Gabriela has already been making music for ten years now, but her recent release “Grow Up” establishes her as a future female icon of the industry. Being inspired by and motivated by such prominent and legendary names as SZA, Taylor Swift, Selena Quintanilla, Kendrick Lamar, Norah Jones, and many others, Gabriela has the background to ensure the quality and taste of her music. Add to the strong background her natural born talent and dedicated hard work, and the result is the release of the infinitely beautiful, heartbreaking, and at the same time soulful release, “Sun & Earth.” 

The song is very sophisticated and emotional yet tells a very lively story of a person growing up. However, the life she had before doesn’t grow the same way as her, and she realizes she has to leave a lot behind to move forward. She can’t let the past haunt her and hold her back from her dreams. The song is close to everyone who has been a teen and grew out of it. It was easy for some of us, some had a hard time and refused to grow up, but eventually, we all have to do that, and Gabriela’s song reminds us of it in a beautiful and gentle way with soul-stirring music.