Enid Ellen, the vibrant musical force hailing from the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, has evolved into a dazzling phenomenon in New York City’s music scene. The dynamic duo, led by David Mramor, aka Enid Ellen, and Greg Potter, now expanded with Mark Karges on drums and Thomas Hemmerick on bass, has recently unveiled a visually stunning and emotionally charged music video for their track “Don’t Wanna Love You Forever.”

The journey of Enid Ellen began with a potent blend of passion, expression, and defiance, rooted in their diverse backgrounds and life experiences. From their early collaborative piece, “War Machine,” inspired by nights at the Metropolitan Gay Bar in Williamsburg, to emotionally charged tracks like “Queen Mother” and “Pretty on the Sea,” paying tribute to David’s late mother, Enid Ellen’s repertoire is a poignant reflection of their journey.

Their musical odyssey gained momentum with “Cannibal Disease,” a raw and DIY endeavor that found its place in the vibrant NYC queer nightlife scene. The progression continued with “Beyond Reality,” released under FemmeKraft, and culminated in their latest album, “Piss Boi Pisces.” This album is a deep dive into their rock roots, echoing their identities as Pisces and the collective experiences of queer individuals from Ohio.

The creative process of Enid Ellen is a fusion of David’s visual artistry and Greg’s musical talent. Typically beginning with Potter’s melodic piano or guitar compositions, Mramor weaves in lyrics inspired by travels, experiences, and political insights. Their musical style is a unique amalgamation of ’90s grunge, ’60s and ’70s rock, glam rock, and spiritual witch music, drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of icons.

enid ellen Don't Wanna Love You Forever

As proud members of the LGBTQIA+ community, their work carries themes of gender, sexuality, and drag, adding layers of depth and personal resonance. “Piss Boi Pisces” is an album that interlaces nature imagery with evocative metaphors, navigating an emotional spectrum ranging from rage and love to sadness and power.

Don’t Wanna Love You Forever,” accompanied by a visually striking music video, is a testament to Enid Ellen’s ability to infuse drag artistry with profound emotional depth. Set against the backdrop of a chic mid-century modern home, the video unfolds a narrative of hidden struggles within a relationship. The vibrant color palette and radiant brightness pay homage to the extravagant and expressive nature of Enid Ellen’s drag persona.

The song itself speaks to the transient yet intense desires for love and connection. The poignant lyrics, “Don’t wanna love you forever / But I wanna love you tonight,” encapsulate the yearning for immediate, albeit temporary, emotional intimacy. The video, like their music, is a celebration of drag as an art form, portraying deep emotions with flamboyant flair and undeniable charisma.

Enid Ellen continues to redefine the boundaries of music and drag artistry, delivering impactful messages that resonate deeply with their audience. “Don’t Wanna Love You Forever” and its accompanying music video stand as a testament to their artistic evolution—a journey marked by defiance, resilience, and profound expression.

Listen to “Don’t Wanna Love You Forever” here: