Our lives are messy, and Emily Litta knows it! She dedicated an entire song to the topic of how truly messy balancing social media life and relationships can be in today’s hectic world where everyone almost has a “free pass” to everything you put out there. A lady with quite the diverse background, someone who’s lived in some of the biggest cities of the world like Sydney, London, and Milan, Emily Litta channels simplicity alongside profoundness in her art, and the result is always beautiful.

Emily Litta literally puts on a show for those who want to watch, and “Messy” is a vibrant festival of “Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana”. The song has thousands of streams and counting, and promises to become a fan-favorite in no time! “Control,” “+1”, and “Not A Love Song” are some of the artist’s previous works that have brought her much acclaim. Emily has also been featured in Duccio’s composition with MOLØ called “What If?”. 

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