Desperado Orchestra’s latest music video release for his classic song “Outer Space” transports us into funky galactic spaces, realms he has become a master at imagining, creating, and sharing with us. The African American Blues, Funk, and Soul singer-songwriter returns with this visual masterwork, following-up on his previous drop titled “People Say,” a more explosive, almost heavy-metal song, that attracted him the appraisal of the music scene. A Hawaii based artist, where he runs a music program and studio with his wife, Desperado Orchestra carries a heavy past, as he was diagnosed with post-traumatic disorders following the war in Iraq, in which he served as an American soldier. 

“Outer Space” creates a magical listening and visual experience, as the fast-rising artist explores the power of love, with modern and traditional blues sonorities blended in together with utmost grace, elegance, and coming together in pure harmony for a memorable sonic explosion of the highest quality.