Allan Franzner is making a highly-noticed entry in music with the release of his debut album Who Pays The Price? Shortly after having released the album, Allan Franzner followed through with yet another release, the single “Sometime the Crook Is but a Memory,” available on most major platforms including Spotify. 

Franzner’s incredibly contagious energy is poured all over “Who Pays The Price?. The 10 song-collection cannot but remind us of the greatest rock icons’ works so much Allan Franzner meticulously thought of each and every detail of his astonishing LP. 

Bursting with vitality and energizing vibes, Franzner’s pure energy is filled with raw truths and worldviews, and his dazzling vocal mastery truly holds the power to ensure that each and every listener will relate to his unique sound on all levels.   

Shining a refreshing light on rock music through these dark and challenging times, Franzner is sure to make the crowds think and feel while listening to the best modern rock in today’s scene. 

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