D.J.C. ‘s latest release, “Sexy House Thang” emerges as a true testament to the magic of spontaneous collaboration. The much-awaited video has finally graced the screens, leaving viewers captivated and curious about the story behind it. In a recent interview, British-American DJ and producer delves into the inspirations that brought this track to life, weaving a tale of chance encounters and creative chemistry.

During his time in New York, D.J.C. found himself immersed in a diverse community of exceptionally talented musicians, serving  as the breeding ground for the magnetic collaboration that underpins “Sexy House Thang.” The innovative approach of having each artist improvise without prior knowledge of their counterparts’ contributions gave birth to a harmonious blend of sounds and a genuine reflection of the moment.

The icing on the cake was D.J.C.’s unexpected connection with Bijoux years later, amplifying the track’s allure. In addition, his collaboration with Neil Sanford (Earth Leakage Trip) for the animated visuals, facilitated a smoother creative process, working on themes and narratives that added depth and deeper layers to the music’s energy.

Through “Sexy House Thang,” D.J.C. breaks away from the repetitive EDM sounds that dominate the current scene. Rooted in classic influences while infused with a contemporary twist, the track appeals to purists and modern enthusiasts alike. The producer envisions future releases adopting a similar style, but his genre-agnostic approach promises an exciting array of musical experiences.

As the global community grapples with environmental concerns and social divisions, “Sexy House Thang” appears as a beacon of positivity. D.J.C. believes that music, especially underground genres, possesses the power to heal and unite. In a world weighed down by negativity, this track is a refreshing escape that encourages listeners to embrace the moment and celebrate the joy of music.

Listen to “Sexy House Thang” here:

See the video for “Sexy House Thang” and Behind-the-Scenes footage below: