Music is often an artist’s canvas, reflecting their innermost thoughts, feelings, and inspirations. For fast-rising Pop artist Ayri, it’s more than just a form of expression; it’s a medium to convey her innate sensuality and her profound connection with the Earth. 

Closer,” her latest single, following “Shake” is a testament to this unique blend of passion and musical diversity. Delving deep into the track’s creation, Ayri recounts the holistic process of its birth. From a collaboration with her producer Valery that led to a harmonious fusion of different styles to its deeply emotive lyrics, every element of the song seems to be an extension of the artist herself.

Ayri hints at a treasure trove of diverse tracks in her upcoming album, each echoing her signature energy of life. As for her bond with her fans, it transcends the digital realm of social media. For the singer, it’s about the genuine exchange of energy, love, and feedback, making her journey in the music world all the more enriching.

Listen to “Closer” here: