Renowned artist, activist, and mental health clinician Ariel Houston unveils a soul-stirring journey with her latest single, “Lose You,” released on January 30, 2024. This track is more than a song; it’s a profound exploration of love, choices, and the intricate dance of commitment.

Ariel Houston‘s musical journey originates in the vibrant communities of Harlem and Washington Heights, with early influences rooted in the iconic performances of Whitney Houston. After captivating audiences as a regular performer at Madison Square Garden, Ariel took a hiatus from music, only to resurface three years ago with a renewed commitment to her solo career.

“Lose You” is a collaborative masterpiece, co-written by Ariel Houston and Ali Gooseberry, and produced by Christopher Johnson at 973 Studios in East Orange, New Jersey. The single not only showcases Ariel’s emotive vocal range but also features a compelling verse from emerging rapper Sunny Jorge.

The song’s lyrics are a raw exploration of the complexities within relationships, delving into themes of indecision, commitment, and the ever-present fear of losing someone deeply cherished. Ariel‘s verses are a tapestry of vulnerability and strength, laying bare the challenges of love with an unfiltered honesty.

As “Lose You” takes center stage, Ariel Houston also announces her upcoming album, “Mermaids & Unicorns,” slated for release in May 2024. The album promises a diverse sonic landscape and collaborations with both established and emerging talents, offering a glimpse into Ariel’s multifaceted growth as an artist.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Ariel‘s commitment to authenticity extends to her work as a mental health clinician. Her unique perspective, addressing the needs of those battling severe mental illness and substance addiction, has earned her recognition in major media outlets, including Fox, CNN, and features in EMpeccable Magazine.

With “Lose You,” Ariel Houston extends an invitation to listeners to embark on an emotional voyage, connecting with the unfiltered emotions woven into each note and lyric. The single is a poignant chapter in Ariel’s evolving narrative, leaving an indelible mark and setting the stage for a remarkable year in her musical journey.

As Ariel Houston continues to break new ground, “Lose You” stands as a testament to her resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact through the transformative power of music.

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