Zouji is the project of Leipzig based French / Morrocan / American producer Adam Abdelkader Lenox, better known also for his work with the Noise Pop outfit Lingua Nada. The project  is all about finding the soul in synthetic sounds: “I’m trying to make my machines sound human by emulating errors, randomness and tempo ups-and-downs while i’m trying my best as a human to sound like a machine.

We introduced him with the tracks “j0_0j” and “StOOpid“; now he has released a new mixtape called Tagat which is out now via City Slang. According to the press release, Collecting all previous singles and several new tracks into a up to date exhibition of his fascinating output, ’TAGAT’ – meaning curse in Tamazight –  is a bold statement of intent. Laced with destructive lyrics, it’s 9 tracks blend obnoxious percussion and obscure sound design at the intersection between organic and synthesised. It might sound like a hard and jagged pill to swallow, but fear not, the darkness is sugar coated with a colourful sound palette of quirky analog synthesisers, ultra catchy radio pop hooks, addictive bass-lines, pseudo modern RnB vocals and a huge dose of fun. 

Listen below.