Two years after the collaborative album with Fumitake Tamura, Los Angeles based producer and rapper YUNGMORPHEUS has released a new album called Thumbing Thru Foliage which is out now via Bad Taste. It was produced by ewonee. According to the press release, it is a blunted journey through YUNGMORPHEUS’ mind where personal lyrics intertwine with socio-political themes and tongue in cheek humour.

Describing the project in his own words, YUNGMORPHEUS says, “Peace peace, I consider this album a call to action of sorts. The world is rife with distractions and oppressive tactics but niggas move through it nonetheless ! Respect to ewonee for providing a beautiful backdrop for me to get some much needed shit off my chest. Maneuver through the foliage yall…Power to all black people ! Salute to those who listen

ewonee adds, “Growing up like we did in this corporation Neegas deal with a lot. Usually gotta go through the mud to get to the greens. Good comes with the bad and vice versa, learning how to adjust is a must. Hope y’all get that from this. Roll up count up and mount up. PEACE

Check the full streaming below.