Yilan is a Leeds based producer and composer. He has released new EP called Suddendly I Am Falling which is out now via Mexican label Infinite Machine. It features Ren and Ebb. Check the full streaming below.

According to the press release, The title track opens with polyrhythmic kicks, electric hats and cataclysmic atmospheres that are set to send the dancefloor into a frenzy.

‘Static Void’ is an authentic Techno Dancehall masterclass with a sharp snare dancing around the syncopated pulse of the track. Collaborating with Ren for third track, ‘Niffler’, sees the duo lurking into 90BPM territory for an unstoppable groove with razor-sharp percussive brutality and a masterclass in futuristic sound-design that expands across the entire audio spectrum.

Track four, ‘Underwater Construction’, is a halftime roller with ramped up distorted hits that emanate from an abandoned warehouse, like machinery exhaling. ‘AFADS’, featuring collaborator Ebb, launches things back into a rolling abyss like a ticking time bomb of kick drums that poke and play around paranoid lazer stabs and an astounding middle section that will leave you gulping in shock.

Closing the record out with an ambient work ‘Lost Signals’ portrays softer timbres of birdsong and synthesised windchimes, allowing time to reflect on what is one of the most inspiring talents to come out of the UK underground.