Wormwood are the electro-acoustic duo comprised of Christina Willatt and Andrew Wenaus, based in London, Ontario. They have released a new album called My Two Minds Become Air which is out now via Time Released Sound. They explain: “Much of the work for My Two Minds Become Air was written and recorded to accompany dance, and are in the form of vignettes. There is a special emphasis on movement, kinetics, orientation, and spatiality.

Alongside movement through space, we wanted to conjure the massive expansiveness of the world outside ourselves at the same time as the seemingly infinite space of inward imagination. How might sound be a way of experiencing the ways that the imagination, the material, and the virtual each move through, intersect with, tangle and knot each other in delightful ways? In a way, we wanted to make music that acknowledges the ubiquitous supermodern abstraction of everyday life in the twenty first century.

Check the full streaming below.