Winterlight is the project that involves British musicians Tim and Isabel Ingham. Three years after The Longest Sleep Through The Darkest Days, they have released a new album called Gestural Abstractions which is out now via n5md.

According to the press release, After an admittedly difficult gestation for their second album The Longest Sleep Through the Darkest Days, this new album developed organically and somewhat swiftly from the moment the pandemic lock-down was initiated. This mandatory seclusion allowed Tim Ingham to sit with his guitar or at the piano and play uninhibited. With daughter and bassist Bel returning home from university, her presence galvanized the creative process, which resulted in the duo writing their first song together: In Solitude. It is a song in which there is very much an equal display of Tim and Bel’s influences and songwriting styles. Gestural Abstractions is a focused dynamic collection of works teeming with expressive confidence; An upliftingly shimmering shoegaze leaning post-rock gem.

Check the full streaming below.