One year after The Dregs, Americian musician and composer William Ryan Fritch returned with the side project Vieo Abiungo. The new album is called At Once, There Was No Horizon and it is out via Lost Tribe Sound. It is part of  label series Fearful Void Series. Check the full streaming below and read the full story.

The new record is an expanse of impressionistic tonal color, where elliptical patterns of horns, reeds, bowed metals and the ecstatic chatter of unfamiliar percussion cluster, rise and decay. In moments, the exchange of timbral energy from instrument to instrument feels distant, alien, and disquieting, like walking into a sweltering forest where sounds shift and converse around you unrevealed.

Ever-densening thickets of rhythm pummel the load-bearing frame of the upright bass. With a sudden rumble and snap, they break like the weight of a substantial branch. An overblown exaltation; one of impossibly close and intimately-keyed contrabass clarinet, baritone and alto sax, flute, euphonium and flugelhorn begin their convulsive dance. One can almost feel the pads of the woodwinds sealing before each note and every irregular breath or loosened embouchure becomes a rhythmic cadence unto itself.

At Once, There Was No Horizon arrives with a glass mastered CD housed inside a quality hard cover book. Each edition contains 8 full color pages of artwork from visual artist Rep Ringel. Mastered by James Plotkin. Limited to 100 editions.