Tòan is the project of French musician and sound artist Anthony Elfort. We introduced with the 2017’s debut album Histós Lusis, out via Eilean Records. Now he’s back with a new album called Phonolite which is out now via Krysalisound. According to the press release, here is something special in Toàn’s sound and his capacity to create, with a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments, a unique world of colours and shades. His sonic paintings are visual collages of microsounds perfectly arranged and chiselled in a photography of the early twentieth century.
The name Phonolite comes from the Ancient Greek meaning “sounding stone” due to the metallic sound it produces if an unfractured plate is hit. Minerals and stones are therefore the concept of this outstanding album, a meditative piece of art that closes the trilogy after Histos Lusis and Volta No Vento.