Tinctures is the Berlin based duo comprised of Nishad Pandey and Aman Mahajan who explore the nature of consonance and dissonance on the piano and guitar. Heads and Tales is the new album which is out now via Subcontinental Records. According to the press release, Tinctures’ intimate chamber-music can be described as a confluence of Hindustani and Carnatic, jazz and European classical music and has a distinct aesthetic that is neither traditionalist nor modern, embracing the infinite possibilities that emerge through the meditative involvement of interacting freely through music.

What drives the Bangalore-Berlin duo is a mutual love for creating sonic narratives unbound by traditional ideas of consonance and dissonance, rhythm, or structure. “I enjoy making music with Nishad because there’s room for all kinds of sound. He receives anything I play and frames it in a way that lets us travel further in that direction,” says Aman.

Playing this kind of music can be likened to venturing out into the wilderness, and a good travel partner makes all the difference. Nishad elaborates on their collaboration: “The friendship to me is as important as the musical connection. A lot of what we do is improvised music and it relies on trust and shared sensibility. We have to get along and like the person we’re working with.”

Listen below.