The Last Dinosaur is the project of London based musician, composer and songwriter Jamie Cameron. Wholeness is the new album which is out now via Phase. “I lost my job. I lost confidence. I lost my mind. I made this record.”

This is how Jamie Cameron sometimes explains the existence of his third album as The Last Dinosaur, and it’s a testament to his tenacity that it exists at all. Though it’s a succinct 26 minutes long, Wholeness speaks to the heart with such intensity that it says more than many artists manage in a lifetime, not that you’d guess the stories behind it.

According to the press release, Intricately detailed, painstakingly arranged, and imbued with an unforgettable, bitter-sweet tenderness, it refuses to restrict itself stylistically, yet its integrity is worthy of its title, even if that was originally chosen to celebrate the completion of the profound odyssey that led Cameron to make it.

Check the full streaming below.