Velatore is the new album of the  British sound artist and musician Phil Tomset twhich is back with the moniker The Inventors of Aircraft. It follows 2020’s The Sound of Someone Leaving (Fluid Audio) and it is out now via Whitelabrecs. According to the press release, The Velatore project began with the idea of strings emerging out of static noise. It was very much inspired by the kinds of landscape in which the artist had been walking and being very aware of distance, how far the eyes could see, how the shape of the land became more abstract the further back it went, which gave dawn to the eventual theme, on how time, space and memory blur together.

Different moments in time occupy the same physical space and these moments stack up on each other from ancient history, present day and into the future. When these moments are particularly resonant, they give a place an atmosphere which we can sense when we are there.

Velatore uses layers of strings, static and slices of experimental ambience to depict the past, present and future, as the moments play in unison. A sense of place is achieved through monolithic compositions which are accompanied by the artwork imagery of ancient rocks and crumbling ruins.