Stella Research Committee are a Columbus/Cincinnati based noise-rock trio comprised of Tony Squeri (Synths, Programming), Kevin Hall (Guitar, Vocals, Piano) and Lauri Reponen (Drums, Percussion). They have released a new album called Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness which is out now as self-release. It was mastered by James Plotkin.

Check the full streaming below.

According to the press release, In it we hear a weaponized insurgency against form implanted into the concussive blasts of nerve-shredded guitars and electronics, hoarse shouts into the void and pummeling percussion undergirding the compositions with carpet-bombing intensity. Like all good noise-rock, the agitated output is an audible channeling of the absurd horror and malaise of life in a dying empire. There is no mythologizing of expression here. Disgraced Mets center fielder Lenny Dykstra steroid-fueled rants and Brainbombs death-threats are given to the same type of exegesis. A recognition that we are defined by our most naked and unhinged moments. Spiritual clarity while blasting Throbbing Gristle while screaming through the Midwestern dead space of I-71 between Columbus and Cincinnati.