Space Afrika is the project of NTS Residents, Manchester/Berlin based producers NTS Josh Reidy and Joshua Inyang. According to the press release, With their slow-stepping, spacious urban dubscapes, Space Afrika harness ambient, Detroit techno and shades of early nineties Sheffield with a fresh and open approach to composition — this is dub techno stripped-down, sealed in a time capsule and sent back from the near future.

One year after the mixtape hwbtwibt, they have released a new album called Honest Labour which is out now via Dais Records. According to the press release, The album goes beyond the dusty, ambient, urban dubscapes templates of Space Afrika’s early years, expanding Space Afrika with classical strings, shimmering guitar, and visionary vocal cameos, leaning further into their enigmatic fusion of ambient unrest and cosmic downtempo.

Check the full streaming below.