Soloi Sounds aka Yosuke Goto is a Japanese sound artist and designer. According to his bio, He combines field recordings, old Roland synthesizers, Taishogoto (Japanese stringed instrument invented in the early 20th century), toy instruments and more to create ambient music. In making ambient music, he tries to set himself free from the world of graphic design where logic and grids dominate and to pursue asynchronous rhythms, melodies and moods that are not bound to playing techniques or theories. He has previously released albums on Post Global Recordings, Umé Records and Organic Industries.

Another Perspective is the new album which is out now via Élan Vital. He explains: “Synthesizer made in Japan 30 years ago, virtual synthesizer on a PC, toy instruments, grandmother’s house upright piano, rain sounds from outside my room, children’s voice recorded in Taiwan a few years ago. . . It was a year when the sense of distance to capture sounds and memories became vague in a confined room. The perspective of the memory in me that captures the world, the net and the reality, the past and the future, the near and the far, is gradually changing. The production of these tracks may have been a process of re-examining the sense of capturing time and space. This album is a record of how to face the world around me, made during the year from March 2020 to March 2021.”

Listen below.