Sebby Kowal is a Polish ambient producer and composer with album released on labels such as Whitelabrecs and Shimmering Moods Records. He’s back with the fourth album called Bright Spaces which is out now via Élan Vital. According to the press release, Similarly like his previous albums, ‘Bright Spaces’ firmly sits into the atmospheric ambient/drone realm, driving you calmly and peacefully towards the vast horizons with glacial movements of the sound spectrum.

The whole atmosphere and aesthetic aims towards reaching inner peace of the soul and it succeeds to actually tranquil and soothe the farthest corners and vast spaces of your soul. Hazy but still melodic, the album is mixing fragments of static, hums, decayed melodies and shady sounds into unique meditative amalgamation.

He explains: “My goal with the album ‘Bright Spaces’ is to bring a sense of peaceful calmness to the listeners, the sense that is especially relevant during these stressful times.”

Listen below.