Italian musician and composer Sebastiano De Gennaro has released a new album called Musica Razionale which is out now via 19’40”. According to the press release, The six tracks of contemporary music that make up this album are the “sonification” of six beautiful mathematical phenomena.

These six compositions were written not only to be presented as sound objects, but also and above all to arouse interest in the nature of their form. For this reason, listening to them does not end with their respective audio tracks, but with the answer to the question about the form inherent in the tracks themselves.

During the period of the pandemic, De Gennaro was struck by some compositions by Tom Johson and began to observe graphic notation scores based on numerical series, interested in concept of generative or self-generating music for a long time. So, De Gennaro examined mathematical phenomena, selecting six of them, and afterwards he used them for the organization of sound. In his time, Luciano Berio said: “Music is everything we listen to with the intention of listening to music. Everything can become music“. By virtue of this authoritative consideration, De Gennaro took the liberty of naming this project “Musica Razionale”.

Check the full streaming below.