Sailcloth is the project of Pennsylvania based bassist Alex Luquet. He has released the debut album called Woodcut which is out now via Lost Tribe Sound. According to the press release, Original discussions about the debut record centered on creating an album that pushed the often background role of the upright bass to the foreground, letting the rich, sturdy tones that the instrument is capable of be the star of the show.  With the thirteen songs of ‘Woodcut’, Sailcloth has well surpassed this original outline, undoubtedly giving this massive wooden instrument center stage while also delivering an album that is unexpected yet comfortable simultaneously. It delivers on those rumbling cathartic lows, though it equally gives way to some of the most satisfying big-hearted highs.

‘Woodcut’ contains this wide-eyed sense of wonder, warming us with its nostalgic melodies and deep earthy undertones that point towards a strong commune with nature and all that breathes around us. At times, it is refreshing, joyful, undeniably playful. Further still its gritty, awkward, elusive, contemplative. Never fully pledging its allegiance to just one spectrum on the color wheel, ‘Woodcut’ evades easy classification and the stereotypical jazz-like outcomes one typically expects from the instrument. Best we can figure, it’s electro-acoustic music with a longing for travel, adventure, and real connection. It’s music that is eager to share its colorful experiences with all who will listen and reward them with sure-handed nuance not often heard in debut albums.

Check the full streaming below.