Robert Gerard Pietrusko is a Somerville based composer and sound artist. He has released a new album called Elegiya which is out now via Room40 and was mastered by Stefan Betke. He explains: “While working on this album, I’ve often thought about the meaning of the word, elegy. As a poem or a piece of music, it is written for the passing of a person or a way of life. The creation and performance of an elegy, however, is not an experience of this original sorrow but is instead its repetition — following a similar pattern, though never the same.

Similarly, Elegiya is based on five piano motifs that are repeated with constant variation and extrapolation across the album’s nine tracks. In structure, harmony, and timbre each piece attempts to capture the contradictory condition of a macro-level stasis versus a tumultuous interior, rigorous movement but no progression, and a threat of its own undoing.”

Listen below.