Riccardo La Foresta is an Italian percussionist, composer and improviser based in Modena whose interests range from improvisation and composition, sound performance and sound art. According to the press release, his research led him to use the drum as a wind instrument, drastically moving away from traditional drumming.

Drummphone is the new album which is out now via Italian label Kohlhaas. Recorded by Lorenzo Abattoir’s microphone in a former industrial hangar now base to the OvestLab cultural center in Modena (except for |||||, captured by Renato Grieco’s mics in the rooms of Museo Hermann Nitsch in Naples), these six tracks are an attempt to draw a picture of a three-year-long and still ongoing sonic exploration conducted by Riccardo La Foresta on his instrument, where psychoacoustic atmospheres combine with a deep density of sound.
Featuring the visual concept by Natália Trejbalová, Drummophone is pressed in 300 copies on black vinyl.

Check the full streaming below.