Polaroid Notes is the project of German sound artist and musician named Andreas known also as Kraut Sounds. Three years after Unsung Memories, he’s back with a new album called Ghost Sounds which is out now via Whitelabrecs. According to the press release, it treads the cinematic lines of atmospheric piano and electronic ambient music, with unsettling undercurrents which occasionally creep into view. It has been in production since November 2019 as the sound of Polaroid Notes was pushed to develop a wider variety. The recording methods, effects and techniques were painstakingly adapted through experimentation and some truly spooky moments were captured. From here, Ghost Sounds became an obvious working title for the album.

The basic approach behind this album is an attempt to deal with our weird and uncertain times in politics, health, social separation, isolation and cocooning. Ghost Sounds tries to capture this strange atmosphere – somewhere between deep despair, silent hope and the wish to wake up from restless and unfullfillable dreams. The album artwork features photography by the artist during the first few winter days of 2020, captured in the Black Forest, which is close to the artist’s working residence during the week.

Check the full streaming below.