British musician and sound artist Orla Wren is back with a new solo album which follows the 2016’s collaboration with Cyril SecqThe Blind Deaf Stone is out now via Time Released Sound. It was recorded in, inspired and infused by his home in the wilds of the Scottish countryside.

According to the press release, it is a paean to a certain pastoralism, and to the life of this somewhat secluded artist. What makes this record of particular interest is that it was made entirely with one monophonic synthesizer, an analog study in radical reductionism!

The four longform tracks are distinct excursions into a personal landscape of organic and broken melodic meanderings…the slapping spokes of a bicycle ridden through the tall grass, the swish of the walking stick, the buzz of the fly on the manure and the mysteriously subtle drone like chattering and burbling of the deepest countryside. Plaintive…melancholic…beatific…this is the loveliest of soundtracks to a simple life well lived away from the maddening crowd, and without regret.

Check the full streaming below.