Orange and Mountains are the duo comprised of Italian musicians and producers Edoardo De Din and Lorenzo Pesci. Their collaborative partnership was born out of the intermingling of their individual musical visions and, interestingly, their scientific and technical backgrounds in natural sciences and engineering.

Back in 2021, They have released their first album called Drawers which is out now via New York based label Rhodium Publishing. Now they released a new EP called Sphaerae. According to the press release, it is a redesign EP of the italian composer of the XVI Century Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. This project started more than two years ago with a trip to Italy (our home land), in which we visited the places where the composer lived and work (the town of Palestrina and Rome) to get ideas and inspiration. Back to Germany we started the actual production and arrangement process. All this shown in the video documentary Sphaerae, coming out with the EP release.

Check the full streaming below.