Nother is the solo project of the Italian drummer Stefano Milella of Fabryka and touring member of Makai and many others acts. In 2020 he introduced the project at Silent Festival with a stunning live show. He has released the debut album Future Is Bright which is out now via Abyond. It features Moon Leap, Endless Recall, Matilde Davoli and Grecale. Check the full streaming below.

According to the press release, The album starts and ends as the soundtrack of a never written movie, a pause between its acts of modern life that absconds contact, and instead finds refuge in music in order to chase feelings. The future is like an abstract place where everyone can start rewriting their own life again and make up for all the lost time. A place where sounds and memories are finally in constant dialogue by means of different voices that converge in a single and complex identity: Us.