Night Sky Pulse is the solo project of Brussels based musician, producer and compsoer John Sellekaers. He has released a new album called Superlunar Lounge which is out now via See Blue Audio and follows 2021’s These Possible Lives. According to the press release, This new album is different to ‘These Possible Lives’, but they both embody a dreamlike quality that is an essential aspect of the Night Sky Pulse ethos.

Whereas the first album was cinematic and futuristic, ‘Superlunar Lounge’ has more of a retro vibe; rawer in quality, charged with electro, and inspired by the sounds of easy listening and exotica, all fused together with a special twist. John intentionally went in a different direction with this album; simpler and more direct, and based around manipulating collages of sound, and experimenting with samples and broken beats. As always, his flawless studio techniques are evident throughout, and, as with its predecessor, he favours shorter tracks for maximum impact.

Listen below.