Mt Went is the collaborative project between British musicians and composers Andy Cartwright (Seabuckthorn) and Dave Anderson (Von Braun). Lit Way Down and Sheltering Sky are their new collaborative albums which are out now via Lost Tribe Sound. According to the press release, Even though nearly a decade lapsed between the making of ‘Sheltering Sky’ and ‘Lit Way Down’ the two albums feel inextricably linked to one another.

‘Sheltering Sky’ was recorded back in 2010 when Cartwright and Anderson still lived in same small UK town, Witney, Oxfordshire. Yet it has never seen a proper release and sat unattended for nearly a decade until Cartwright revisited the sessions in 2018 to give them a proper polish. While doing so, both Anderson and Cartwright rekindled a fondness for the material and decided a follow-up was in order. That follow-up became ‘Lit Way Down,’ an album built from many long distance file swaps in the increasingly rare moments of downtime, with Cartwright now living in the French Alps and Anderson still in the UK. 

Listen below.