Mother of Mars is the collaborative project of Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi, best known as members of era-defining NY post punkers The Rapture, They are joined by third bandmate Jaiko Suzuki, on vocals. I Hear is the debut album which is out now via Ransom Note Records. According to the press release, With new-and-improved circumstances and the help of Japanese New Yorker Suzuki, the duo (now a trio) have come a long way from their former band. Full of sonic wanderlust, they’ve ventured down different tributaries, journeying into psych, kosmische, avant garde, fourth world and new age dreamscapes.  

Mother Of Mars maintain the live-drummed rhythmic engine of The Rapture, but delve deep into cerebral, transcendental wormholes. Although an entirely different proposition, ‘I Hear’ shares a certain kinetic sensibility with their past incarnation, bringing to mind Baldelli’s Cosmic sound, Balearic beat and the euphoric peaks of acid house. Technicolour bleeps, drones, tones, ethereal singing and a plethora of percussion interweave, like a fractal mosaic in harmonious sensorium.

Check the full streaming below.